Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring has sprung...

I love spring! I love the smell of spring rain, I love the feel of spring wind, and I love how everything starts to turn green. It's amazing how I take for granted the color of green until the doldrums of winter have taken their toll... and everything you see is black, gray and white.

I've been gone for a long time, mostly due to the fact I have no computer of my own. My husband has been kind enough to leave his laptop at home with me when he goes to work for 5 days. For the past two weeks, I've had some contact with the outside world. Not much, as I'm sick with a nasty head/chest cold. I sound worse than I feel. I'm just exhausted from all the coughing and the heaviness in my upper chest area. I believe I might have some form of bronchitis, which, as I've researched, unless you contract a secondary bacterial infection, the bronchitis should go away after it's worked its way through your system. Hopefully, I won't need any extra meds. The over the counter stuff is bad enough.

Enough of my medical woes. Basically I contracted a computer virus through my facebook account. My account was hacked and it got to most everything... except, strangely, my computer files. Mostly it was internet stuff. But, my computer re-installation software is missing, tried one from the home computer, and cleared out my hard drive, but I cannot figure out how to get my laptop to communicate with my wireless. As I've said before, I'm computer challenged to say the least... and this is beyond my abilities. So, for now, I'm going to use the hub's laptop, and in moments of desperation, I can use the desktop computer (which is also on its last legs... it's very slow!)

Things that have been missed. Our house guest Phillip, a friend of my husband, who came to visit in January. He taught me how to make "Bot Boy" while he was here. It is a multi-generation recipe that has been prepared in his family from farmers to miners.

The beginning... preparing the chicken and stock... letting it simmer.

Phil is very generous with his sharing of such a traditional recipe. Anyone who wants to learn how to make bot boy only needs to ask. Here's Phil, The Bot Boy Master! Armed and ready to go.

One of my contributions to this meal. Pumpernickel bread bowl with dried chipped beef dilly dip... you can eat the entire thing... bowl and all.

Next came the "Bot Boy" part, the noodles, which are homemade and cut into pretty good sized squares. Phil worked up a good sweat hand mixing the dough. Then you drop the dough squares in a few at a time, stir and add a few more.... and stir, so they don't stick together.

The happy Bot Boy Student! (That's me!)

The Bot Boy Observer... it smells so good, he can't leave the kitchen!

Table set and ready to go... all that's missin' is the "Pot O' Bot"!

And finally... the reward and fruits of our labor... chow time!

With smiling faces like that, you know it's got to be good... and it sure was! Thanks Phil... you were great!

Hope to be back soon... because up next, well, it's the husband's turn! Too cute!

Penny Sue