Sunday, April 18, 2010

The son-father is coming to visit!!!

Well, tomorrow night I should have two of my favorite guys home for a couple of days. Our son is coming home for a couple of days and my husband will be home as well tomorrow night. I'm sorry and sad to let you know that my son's wife will not be making this trip. I will miss her very much. I'm trying to figure out what to make for dinner for my guys. I would like it to be something comforting and welcoming. I'll figure it out later. Right now it's 1 am. I'm watching re-runs of Hawaii-5-0... or whatever they call it. What poor acting we used to have to deal with. :) Just kidding. I understand that TV was a learning and growing and changing experience. Especially from what we know today in 2010.. eh'?

Just ramblin... and looking forward to my son being home and hearing about "baby Bump" as he fondly calls the new baby on the way. I love it. Baby Bump already has a name. :)

Hugs all around,
Penny Sue

PS - Hope to have some new pics for the next post. My computer crapped out, and then the batteries died on the camera. Hate when that happens.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good News!

I'm finally able to share some wonderful and happy news. We're expecting a grandbaby! It's our first! We are so very happy and excited. A baby!

The day I found out, I went to the florist and bought myself a pretty little bouquet of white roses and lavender flowers. My fav! I just could not let that day go by without having something in my life to reflect on whenever I looked at it. My husband was gone at work for the week, and I was home alone with no one to share the happy news, except my Dad. We were sworn to secrecy until her 3rd month. So, we shall be expecting a new addition to the family towards the end of September. No set due date, at least not right now.

Here's a pic of my flowers... slightly edited. :)

My son and daughter-in-law told us just before they came to visit for birthdays. So it was an especially happy time. Dad was here for the birthday celebrations too. These are pics of the birthday celebration weekend just after we found out the good news. Smiles all around!

The table set for dinner!

My daughter in law being uncharacteristically camera shy! Usually she's a ham! But, not feeling up to it this day. Nonetheless, the Mama!

The proud Dad!

Grandpa, trying to soak it all in.

Me, the grandma in-waiting, and Great Grad-Dad!

My Dad is thrilled. It's his 1st Great Grandbaby. So... something to smile about for a while and as the time gets closer, wait with anticipation at what God has in store for each of us through this child. I cannot wait to learn more of His miracles through an innocent child.

Penny Sue