Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tonight is the eve of Christmas eve....

I have so much in my heart that I want to share. But, my concept of time has gone hay-wire. I wanted to continue our Christmas tree story... from once we got the tree home, in the stand and just let it settle for 48 hours. My dear husband had to go back to work for the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving, so we did the tree hunting the day after Thanksgiving, but decided to save putting the lights and decorations until he could be back with us Sunday afternoon/evening. I had a special dinner planned, and some tree trimming fun... and I think we finally got around to decorating the tree around 7 pm on Sunday... with our dear daughter-in-law having to travel 3 hours to get home that evening, as she had to be at work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Monday morning. But, alas, everything worked out. Let me go see if there are ANY picks of the tree in the house that I've uploaded from the camera. Those pics might still be on the camera. BRB.

Nope, unfortunately, I need to upload pics from my camera. I remember taking a few, my husband took a few, and then my son took a few... so there should be a couple of pics I can add to this post once I upload them (when I have time... hopefully tomorrow). I'm already upstairs and in bed and relaxing.

Anyhow... just in case I don't get the opportunity to do the photos, I would like to reach out and share the joy and love of the season, which we traditionally call Christmas. Our Messiah, Saviour, King of Kings, Emmanuel had come... in the form of an innocent baby, helpless to help the helpless, dependent to help the dependent, needy - to help the needs of those around Him. He was a gift to us on one very special night, but it is a gift that lasts for all eternity. His love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meakness, goodness, and the other fruits of His spirit I cannot name at this late hour, because my brain is in denial, are gifts of who He is and what He freely gives to us. There is no guilt for taking part in this gift giving. It's all free. Let's just take a few moments of solitude and humbleness to remember what this day is truly about. It's not the money that gets spent, it's not about how many packages are under the tree (because I've learned that no matter how many there are under the tree, the kids think it's never enough). It's about a tiny baby born to be the Saviour of our souls. He lived a short life, by most peoples standards, but what a life!

I'm sleepy. I'll ad some pics tomorrow I hope. If not... Merry Christmas. Make it a good one. Let the peace that passes all understanding abide in your hearts and minds forever.

Hugs to all
Penny Sue

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas Tree Hunt!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride in a 4-wheel drive Jeep...
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.
If we get through this night, it will be a sweet treat! (I think I hear some of you singing this tune and trying to make the meter fit... and it does, if you sing it right... really :)

So, our adventure started out a little later than we had originally planned. We drove like crazy people to get to the tree farm before dusk. Smidgen wasn't really sure about going. (Let me pause here to say that just maybe, she was trying to tell us something, considering future events.) She ran around the back yard of our home dodging 3 people chasing her. I'm sure the neighbors got a good hoot out of us if they saw it. She's so tiny and fast. Finally, she got snagged by Daddy. (Good job Dad!) Yes, he is smiling on the outside, but who knows what's traveling through his thoughts. Me, I don't wanna know. But, it's a cute picture.

We had to stop and take a picture that most of you may ponder and think, "Yep, Pennsylvania red-necks :) This is the ever famous "Milk Can Corners". The one and only in Susquehanna County, PA. People from out of town think this is hilarious when they see it. They can't believe it's for real until they see it with their own eyes.

Here's where we go every year for our tree. It's a great place for the whole family, and I do mean whole. You can take your dogs too as long as they are on a leash. My apologies for the fuzzy pic, but it's hard to take a pic and drive over bumpy roads, especially without stopping the vehicle, and the driver (me) is the picture taker.

Well, because we all drove like crazy people to get there, apparently Smidgen gets "car sick". Yep, the husband was holding her in his lap, and because he couldn't hear her (his hearing is terrible) he didn't realize she was getting sick... in his lap. When we arrived at our destination, I took Smidgen from him to put her leash on, a saw the "up-chuck" on the seat and between his legs in his lap an on his jeans. Oh, was he MAD! It's a good thing I had the pup, or she might have met her maker right then and there. Wouldn't that have been a memorable Christmas Tree hunt?! After a good 5-10 minutes, my husband had calmed down, realizing Smidgen didn't do it on purpose... but he has a bit of a strained relationship with her to say the least. More of a love-hate relationship. But, when she's good, he adores her.... however, when she gets into mischief, let's just say, ya don't feel the love so much. (I'm not including any pic involving dog up-chuck... just because I would like to encourage you to go on with the blog reading. I figured you all could do a fine job of improvising whatever you're hearts desire along these lines. I dare not go where angels fear to tread.)

Anyway... on to the hunt. We schlep through the tree farm on foot. The best way to go. We had 4 dogs in tow. TRADITION! My son and daughter-in-love were also with us. TRADITION! We walked up the hills and back down the hills and back up the hills in search of the "perfect" tree. TRADITION! Of course, we were in a bit of a hurry because dusk was upon us with dark coming on quickly. Now, mind you, there are 4 people who need to agree on the "perfect" tree. A task indeed. But, surprisingly quickly done. The dogs didn't do too well however. Emily is 13... and she hasn't moved that much since probably last year's tree hunt. She couldn't walk up the stairs at the house for 3 days after our outing. I'm sure her legs were just aching. Brandy and Dizzy did much better. Emily kept walking out of her harness. As fat as she is, I'm not sure how she does the Houdini routine. So... after fighting with the harness for so long, we just left her off and she kept up with us and didn't wander off. Smidgen...??? She was inside mama's coat shivering like the little puppy she is. Best seat in the house, as many folks commented.

This shot is of Dad... with the 3 dogs we own that he wasn't intent on their demise.

This is Dizzy (our pure-bred Beagle pooch) wanting to know "is it safe mama?" She did well this year. She is 100% hound dog and she just loves walking in the woods... nose to the ground, and her little brown eyes looking up at you just to make sure she's doing what she's supposed to be doing.

Daddy's helping son hold the tree while son is under the tree cutting it at the base.

Son's wife is trying to find her husband under the tree... to get a pic. Emily and Brandy agree all is well... good tree Mom and Dad!

Smidgen with her best "seat in the house". I felt so bad for her. She really was shaking terribly. I'm not certain it was due to the cold, but more to the uncertainty of what she was in the middle of. I need to keep reminding myself that she's still a youngster, going through her first winter, Christmas, and all the trimmings. Hopefully, she won't be one of the trimmings!

Happy Son... wheeling the tree to the check out post. It IS the absolute perfect tree. (A hefty standard to try to maintain.) TRADITION!

A happy face... unusual amongst our crowd.... oh yes, my daughter-in-love! God blessed my life with her.

God bless us, EVERYONE!
Penny Sue