Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gathering the scattered bits of my life...

Well, another beautiful day has come and gone, and I'm still here. Grace and mercy are very present in my life.

I'm making plans for attending my precious niece's wedding coming up in a couple of months. Trying to make hotel reservations online, however, the prices quoted are COMPLETELY off from the prices being charged. Does anyone know if hotels charge you per adult person, or just for the room? I'm really confused. There is a $30 difference.

Today - August 21, 2011 -
Today, I'm going to try to stop smoking. I really need to stop this bad habit. Stress brought it back to my life, and now, I need to learn to deal with my stress in a better fashion. Not cigarettes.

Since Saturday in the wee hours of the morning... I have been in pretty nasty pain. I have no idea what brought it on. My husband believes it to be muscular. All I know is that I can hardly move, due to the pain in my back. Yesterday, I did see some improvement, but this morning, after an uncomfortable night's sleep, I'm not doing so well. I spoke with my Dad yesterday, and the pain that I was describing to him made him wonder if I was passing a kidney stone. He has had several in his medical history. I just hope that's not it. If the pain doesn't go away in a couple of days, I will be going to the doctor, or if worse comes to worse, the ER for the hospital. If you think of it, just say a little prayer for me... that it's nothing serious, and that it will pass soon. (No play on words... not hoping for a stone to pass!)

Well, I need to get going on my day.

Penny Sue