Friday, November 27, 2009

A day late .. and a dollar short... as always with me

Happy Thanksgiving "Season" to all today. I'm in a house that is so quiet and peaceful for a little while. I'm just soaking it all in. My husband and son went "guy" shopping, and I think, my dear d-i-l is napping. She was out of the house at 3:15 am today. She met up with a friend to go crazy shopping. I couldn't believe all the fliers in the newspaper yesterday boasting about their sales starting at 4:00 AM. My sister and I are of the opinion that there is nothing on God's green earth that is so important as to be at the store at 4:00 am, let alone whatever time you needed to get up to get there at that hour! I know they get great deals. Hey, that's their reward for being so diligent. But.. in my ever humble opinion... I would be a detriment to anyone at those hours. I would have to be pushing around an I.V. stand with about a gallon of really strong coffee. No time to drink it, just get it in the veins to get the heart pumping to keep up with all those people. I do love to hear the stories d-i-l has to tell when she gets home. I've heard her say she mostly likes to do it just for the "experience" of it. OK, I concur, I mostly like to sleep at 4 am just for the "experience" of it. :)

Anyhow, the house is still until everyone is up and around again, and I went about taking some pics of the house. I've realized I haven't shared too much in the way of my home, simply because I figure who cares. But, I like looking at all the pics of other's homes and think, well, maybe someone???

This is our dining table, much tidier and cleaner than yesterday. (It took two scrubbings to get the sticky gravy off, and ground in mashed potatoes.) I didn't do a "center piece". If my table allows, I usually do something towards the opposite end of the head of the table. No froo-froo in the way of the food. With a husband and son, nothing had better get between their forks and the platter! ;) I bought the two pumpkins to carve for Halloween, but hubs and I never got around to it... so, they came in handy for table decos.

A pic of our walk-out bay window in the dining room.

A few more shots around the dining room...

I've got more pics to share, but everyone is up and at-em... and there's shrimp involved... I've GOTTA go! Quiet time is officially over.

I truly desire in my heart that everyone, across the country, in dire or in plenty, was able to find just one thing to be thankful for in their hearts. I, personally, have found much to be thankful for.

God Bless ye kindly,
Penny Sue

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hey guess what? I'm on Borough Council!

Woo-hoo! I was elected into the position of our Borough Council on November 3rd. I am really excited about the possibilities over the next 4 years. Someday I will share with you all as to the passionate ideas I harbour in my heart and hope to have to come to fruition. I would truly like to make a difference, in our very own local community, without getting dragged down into the muck and mire of so many negative people in our community. We need positive things... we need positive things for our Senior Citizens, for our unemployed, for our youth. My hope is to work very hard over the next 4 years to try to address some of these issues. I truly believe by being on the council, that I will have contacts and the proper exposure I need in order to push ahead. I truly am excited. I will keep you all informed as to the ideas, my presentation of them, and the reception of them by my peers on the council.

I think I would first like to choose one project for two categories that weigh most heavily on my thoughts. Something for seniors, and something for the youth. I would like to work on research, prepare presentations and plans for how to get things started and to continue them throughout my term and beyond. I pray every day that the Lord will guide me, to keep me humble, to keep me listening to His desires and plans for what He wants me to do. I have some very specific ideas as to what I would like to try out. However, I want to do the best job I can do... and accomplish what He intends to be best for all concerned. I am not looking for glory for myself. I am looking for what is best for those in the community that I desire to serve... for Him.

Hugs to all,
Penny Sue

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coffee or Tea?

I recently purchased a king-size duvet and pillow sham set. Cindy from "My Romantic Home" would be so proud of me. I got it at HomeGoods. It was originally priced at almost $100. I found it on the clearance counters in the bedding department for $36.00. We have a queen size bed, but I usually use king-size comforters/quilts/duvets because they hang longer on the sides of the bed. I like the king just for the extra coverage. Even with a bed skirt, the bed looks sufficiently covered and more lush. Right now I don't have any kind of pillow top for inside the duvet. That will have to be another HomeGoods deal in the future, just gotta wait for the right time. The pic below is just one of the pillow shams. Not much detail visible. But the next pic after this one might show a little more detail. I think it isn't showing up very well because it's so very WHITE! And... I'm not a good picture taker. :( I'm trying to get better though.

I'm just curious if there is anyone out there in blogland that has done tea staining or even more interesting, coffee staining. We are not a "pure white" style family. I have read a few different things online after doing a "search" for both, and, among other things, I have found someone thinks that coffee staining leaves a more warm color of brown. My fear is that it won't take a relatively even stain. It doesn't need to be perfect, but I don't want it to look like a tie-die job. Ya know what I mean? But we are talking a huge king size duvet. It will fit in the washing machine or my laundry tub. If I need to keep it moving, probably the washing machine would be the best bet? I'm supposing that I should try staining a yard or two of bleached white muslin with both. The duvet and shams are 100% light-weight cotton, and I'm not sure what to do once I tea/coffee stain them. I've heard soaking in cold salt water, or vinegar will set the stain? How much salt or how much vinegar? I don't want to mess up this great deal. If I don't do it right, I might as well throw $36 down the toilet. Hope someone can help. Please do forgive the wrinkles, I've not yet washed it, which I will, before I try to stain it.

Hope all is well with everyone...
Penny Suzie