Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just in case there is some confusion... it's my fault!

Hi... the pic of my Dad and "his boys" are his sons-in-law... I apologize for any confusion. But they are as much his boys as my sister and I are his girls... my Dad is very pleased with his sons-in-law. Both "boys" are his "boys". The one on the left side of the picture is my sister's husband, and the one on the right is my husband. Yee-haw! Hope everyone is doing well out there in blogworld.

Penny Sue


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Does not change a thing...I still laught at the pic of the sons (in law) keeping their distance for a cheek kiss to your Dad who has his fists clinched.

Simply Dandy said...

Hi Penny,
I just stopped by to say "hi". I miss all my blogging friends so just wanted to stop by. I am doing great, anxiously awaiting springtime.


The Stylish House said...

I read your comment on My Romantic Home about you not having flea markets in your area and was curious. However you had me at George Clooney…. My mother in law turns 80 next month, and I am going to borrow your fabulous idea and make a memory board for her! I had to laugh when I saw the green spray paint extravaganza because my DD spilled green Easter dye on my light carpet one year. I discover Spot Shot carpet cleaner is a very good thing! Have a wonderful day and a Happy Easter. ~Cathy~