Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tonight is the eve of Christmas eve....

I have so much in my heart that I want to share. But, my concept of time has gone hay-wire. I wanted to continue our Christmas tree story... from once we got the tree home, in the stand and just let it settle for 48 hours. My dear husband had to go back to work for the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving, so we did the tree hunting the day after Thanksgiving, but decided to save putting the lights and decorations until he could be back with us Sunday afternoon/evening. I had a special dinner planned, and some tree trimming fun... and I think we finally got around to decorating the tree around 7 pm on Sunday... with our dear daughter-in-law having to travel 3 hours to get home that evening, as she had to be at work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Monday morning. But, alas, everything worked out. Let me go see if there are ANY picks of the tree in the house that I've uploaded from the camera. Those pics might still be on the camera. BRB.

Nope, unfortunately, I need to upload pics from my camera. I remember taking a few, my husband took a few, and then my son took a few... so there should be a couple of pics I can add to this post once I upload them (when I have time... hopefully tomorrow). I'm already upstairs and in bed and relaxing.

Anyhow... just in case I don't get the opportunity to do the photos, I would like to reach out and share the joy and love of the season, which we traditionally call Christmas. Our Messiah, Saviour, King of Kings, Emmanuel had come... in the form of an innocent baby, helpless to help the helpless, dependent to help the dependent, needy - to help the needs of those around Him. He was a gift to us on one very special night, but it is a gift that lasts for all eternity. His love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meakness, goodness, and the other fruits of His spirit I cannot name at this late hour, because my brain is in denial, are gifts of who He is and what He freely gives to us. There is no guilt for taking part in this gift giving. It's all free. Let's just take a few moments of solitude and humbleness to remember what this day is truly about. It's not the money that gets spent, it's not about how many packages are under the tree (because I've learned that no matter how many there are under the tree, the kids think it's never enough). It's about a tiny baby born to be the Saviour of our souls. He lived a short life, by most peoples standards, but what a life!

I'm sleepy. I'll ad some pics tomorrow I hope. If not... Merry Christmas. Make it a good one. Let the peace that passes all understanding abide in your hearts and minds forever.

Hugs to all
Penny Sue

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...... Kristina ...... said...

A beautiful post that made a tear in my eye!
Thank you for reminding us what this time is all really about and to know how much he loves us brings another tear to my eye.
I am sending happiness,love and warm wishes to you dear Penny Sue this Christmas time and am looking forward to sharing more stories with you in 2010!
Sleep tight my friend
Love Kristina XxX