Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another member of the family...

My last post showed a pic at the end of my baby dog Brandy. She is by no means a baby, but she's my baby. She's definitely a Daddy's girl, but she's Mama's baby. She is such a lover dog. We've had her since the summer of 2001. She was the last one left of 5 puppies. Per my usual bawling routine while at the Humane Society building... my husband spotted her... asked if they would bring her out to us to spend some one on one time with her... and we ended up taking her home. She is part beagle and part boxer. She is a smart dog... very loyal, very protective... a little paranoid... but absolutely one of three loves of our lives as far as poochies go. I named her Brandy because her color looked like a glass of fine brandy...and I also have always loved the song "Brandy". (I think I recall that 3 Dog Night did that?) How ironic if that is the case... we've got 3 dogs.

This is my middle dog... Dizzy. She's another Mama's baby. I cannot tell you the amount of mornings she spends sitting on my lap (hanging over a bit on either side)... in the winters. She is what we call a lap-dog extrodinair. A true pure bred beagle. She is just so one tracked minded, it's difficult to get her attention long enough to get her to come in the house after letting them out to go potty. Especially in this type of weather. Not all the ground is covered in snow, and there are just so many different directions her nose wants to take her.

My husband and I have many nicknames for her. Whizzer, Dizzy-Whizzy, (she used to pee a lot before we got her housebroken), Wheezie (sometimes when she's breathing while sleeping, she sounds like someone wheezing). Precious, Sweet-pea... and I know that doesn't cover all of our nicknames. But that doesn't cover everything. We also used to sing different songs about her... Like... "Here she comes just a walkin' down the street singing Do-Wa Dizzy, Dizzy Dumb Dizzy Do". I don't know... I should be careful... I might end up with PETA on my butt because our dogs are so mistreated. Not really... we are serious about choosing our pets... and we rescue what we can. Dizzy we have had since 1999. Her face has so much white on it at this point in time, but her mask when she was a puppy was so adorable. I fell in love.

Enjoy your weekends.

Penny Sue


English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL! 3 Dog Night, I guess it is giving away my age (as if the gray hair didn't) to acknowledge, "I do remember the group". Now the song, Brandy is running through my mind :-)
Your doggy, Brandy is the cutest. I love her expression in the last pic.

just a little bit shabby said...

I wuv puppies!

Charles said...

To my 2 beloved friends listed above...

If they were only puppies. I call them my babies, and my girls, and all sorts of puppy inuendoes, but in all reality, even the youngest is 8 years old in people years. I guess that makes the "baby" of the family BRANDY about 54 sometime this year. Anyhow... thank you for your appreciation of my poochies.

I have always loved dogs, and had two stolen when I was a child (because they were pure-bred beagles). Here one day and gone the next. I suppose this is why the three dogs I have now are just so precious to me. As an adult I have a little bit more control over them and how "liberal" they can be.

I'll be posting pics of Emily next. She was our first, but is freakishly camera-shy. Hmmm... not sure what's up with her....but she is still precious. She is where we got our start. More story once I get a pic or two or her.

Penny Sue

Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Silly me... somehow I jumped from my husband's facebook account and his name showed up on my last comment. Don't ask, because I have no clue. :)

Ginger said...

I love your dogs, they are so cute. That last picture is precious with the sad eye look.
Our last two dogs have been rescues.