Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the beginning...

Well, in reality, this is far from the beginning... but at least it's looking like a beginning again for our kitchen. These pics are of my old basement door (without steps) and my new basement door (with new steps) which was the first thing that needed to happen in order to expand my kitchen.

I love this old house, but there isn't one thing about it that makes anything related to "fixing up" remotely easy.

I have a curved front stair case just inside my front door in the foyer. This is where the hubs felt structurally was the safest to put a new doorway and steps. He studded up a short wall to help support the weight of the stairs, and to close in the basement. This now has sheetrock on it waiting for drywall... which is where I come in.

So, these are my brand new basement steps (using reclaimed lumber from other sources). No new trees were sacrificed in the process of this project, I'm proud to announce. We try very hard to reuse and recycle. It's important to us.

And voila... here's the brand new door (which is recycled from my husband's cousin). His cousin has had this door from before my husband and I owned this house. Truly amazing how the Lord provides for us.

I hope you all have a wonderful day in the Lord! I had a fun day meeting up with a cousin who lives rather close by and we had breakfast. It's always good to spend time with her. She's just so precious!

The last pic I have to share is my baby Brandy... snoozing peacefully on the settee.

Hugs to all,
Penny Sue


Ginger said...

Hi Penny...first off Brandy looks so peaceful and happy.
I like your new door. That is amazing that your hubby's cousin had it and that it fit. The stairs look steep, but I am assuming there will be hand rails to come, right? Thats a lot of work to do all this remodeling and yes, you are lucky your hubby has the skills to do it. Just a shame he has to be gone so much with work, but so fortuante to have a job.
Take care
PS we are getting sunshine!!!

just a little bit shabby said...

Hey there Girl!
Looks like you are making some progress! i painted so much that today my shoulder is really hurting. It has to improve by Saturday. Glad you had a visit with your cousin. It really helps to get out and relax.
Brandy looks so sweet I bet his/her nose is soft as silk!!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Brandy is a cutie. How old it she and how is she handling the remodel project?
WOW!! I am envious :-). You have a basement!
Your remodel is wonderful and what a joy to have things provided by Providence. I do not believe in coincidences. I consider such happenings as affirmation by our Lord. I believe he wants us to leave homes, land, whatever in better shape after we are done with them.
I have been able to apply this philosophy to everything, except automobiles :-(