Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's that bright light outside... ?

I've got to be to work at 2 pm today. I've been enjoying a leisurely morning with my dogs, snuggling on the couch, and writing in my blog right now. The sun is shining, there isn't a cloud in the sky, and the sky is the most gorgeous color blue, and it's crisp and clear and cool. I love it! Yesterday we had horrible winds. I'm hoping that it didn't destroy our leaves on the trees, as we're coming up on our peak season over the next two weeks. I'll have to get some pics before the leaves are all gone. There are some beautiful reds this year... especially right in my own back yard. My favorite tree in all the world is right outside my back door. And our new slate patio looks so pretty with a carpet of red crunchy leaves scattered around. I just adore it!

I'm sitting here listening to Amy Grant's "Behind The Eyes" CD while typing away. I've enjoyed growing up with Amy's music since I was introduced to it while in college. She is so very real and true. I purchased her book through a christian book distributor for $3.95 last week, and I read it in two days. "Mosaic... Pieces of My Life So Far". I just gobbled it up. It was a biography. It was written in 2007. I have yet to see her in concert. I have not ever had the opportunity. Someday... I hope.

Can anyone guess what these jeans are going to transform into? If you think you can guess, let me know. Otherwise, I'll show you when I'm done. But guessing could be fun... and give me some more creative ideas... ;)

I thought I might post a couple of new pics of Smidgen. She's grown a little bigger, but not much. The one pic is of her next to a woman's size 6 sneaker, just to put things into perspective. She's just a precious poochie. Hope you enjoy.

Me thinks if she gets caught in a head wind she might end up in Kansas! :)

Hugs all around,
Penny Sue

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just a little bit shabby said...

My first thought was a purse but then it came to me in flash! A SCARECROW!!