Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coffee or Tea?

I recently purchased a king-size duvet and pillow sham set. Cindy from "My Romantic Home" would be so proud of me. I got it at HomeGoods. It was originally priced at almost $100. I found it on the clearance counters in the bedding department for $36.00. We have a queen size bed, but I usually use king-size comforters/quilts/duvets because they hang longer on the sides of the bed. I like the king just for the extra coverage. Even with a bed skirt, the bed looks sufficiently covered and more lush. Right now I don't have any kind of pillow top for inside the duvet. That will have to be another HomeGoods deal in the future, just gotta wait for the right time. The pic below is just one of the pillow shams. Not much detail visible. But the next pic after this one might show a little more detail. I think it isn't showing up very well because it's so very WHITE! And... I'm not a good picture taker. :( I'm trying to get better though.

I'm just curious if there is anyone out there in blogland that has done tea staining or even more interesting, coffee staining. We are not a "pure white" style family. I have read a few different things online after doing a "search" for both, and, among other things, I have found someone thinks that coffee staining leaves a more warm color of brown. My fear is that it won't take a relatively even stain. It doesn't need to be perfect, but I don't want it to look like a tie-die job. Ya know what I mean? But we are talking a huge king size duvet. It will fit in the washing machine or my laundry tub. If I need to keep it moving, probably the washing machine would be the best bet? I'm supposing that I should try staining a yard or two of bleached white muslin with both. The duvet and shams are 100% light-weight cotton, and I'm not sure what to do once I tea/coffee stain them. I've heard soaking in cold salt water, or vinegar will set the stain? How much salt or how much vinegar? I don't want to mess up this great deal. If I don't do it right, I might as well throw $36 down the toilet. Hope someone can help. Please do forgive the wrinkles, I've not yet washed it, which I will, before I try to stain it.

Hope all is well with everyone...
Penny Suzie


just a little bit shabby said...

I've done it before and I agree that coffee gives a browner tone and tea gives a grayer tone. I have made a pot of very strong 10 to 12 scoops in the filter and then added it to the washing machine. Swish a while and them let it set for a while. I did it for 30 minutes but it wasn't deep enough so I would let it set at least 1 hour. You can go and turn it on and off to keep it moving occasionally. I think you need to put the water on the highest setting to avoid getting blotching. If you get some of that you could bleach it out and start again. I've heard to set it with white vinegar I'd say a couple of cups to the washer. The embroidery on the fabric might take the color a little different than the fabric as it is a different texture or weave.
Hope this helps you. If you have more questions let me know.
Hugs and more hugs
PS did you decide on the color for your room yet????

Ginger said...

You got a great deal at Home Goods. I love that store too. Probably a good thing there isn't one close to me, or I would be spending too much.
I've used the tea and the coffee staining before, but only on small items. I know what you mean about not wanting tie die stain.
Let us know how it works out.