Friday, November 27, 2009

A day late .. and a dollar short... as always with me

Happy Thanksgiving "Season" to all today. I'm in a house that is so quiet and peaceful for a little while. I'm just soaking it all in. My husband and son went "guy" shopping, and I think, my dear d-i-l is napping. She was out of the house at 3:15 am today. She met up with a friend to go crazy shopping. I couldn't believe all the fliers in the newspaper yesterday boasting about their sales starting at 4:00 AM. My sister and I are of the opinion that there is nothing on God's green earth that is so important as to be at the store at 4:00 am, let alone whatever time you needed to get up to get there at that hour! I know they get great deals. Hey, that's their reward for being so diligent. But.. in my ever humble opinion... I would be a detriment to anyone at those hours. I would have to be pushing around an I.V. stand with about a gallon of really strong coffee. No time to drink it, just get it in the veins to get the heart pumping to keep up with all those people. I do love to hear the stories d-i-l has to tell when she gets home. I've heard her say she mostly likes to do it just for the "experience" of it. OK, I concur, I mostly like to sleep at 4 am just for the "experience" of it. :)

Anyhow, the house is still until everyone is up and around again, and I went about taking some pics of the house. I've realized I haven't shared too much in the way of my home, simply because I figure who cares. But, I like looking at all the pics of other's homes and think, well, maybe someone???

This is our dining table, much tidier and cleaner than yesterday. (It took two scrubbings to get the sticky gravy off, and ground in mashed potatoes.) I didn't do a "center piece". If my table allows, I usually do something towards the opposite end of the head of the table. No froo-froo in the way of the food. With a husband and son, nothing had better get between their forks and the platter! ;) I bought the two pumpkins to carve for Halloween, but hubs and I never got around to it... so, they came in handy for table decos.

A pic of our walk-out bay window in the dining room.

A few more shots around the dining room...

I've got more pics to share, but everyone is up and at-em... and there's shrimp involved... I've GOTTA go! Quiet time is officially over.

I truly desire in my heart that everyone, across the country, in dire or in plenty, was able to find just one thing to be thankful for in their hearts. I, personally, have found much to be thankful for.

God Bless ye kindly,
Penny Sue


just a little bit shabby said...

Howdy there my Friend!
Love the pictures of your house! I saw the floor register and remember when we had a house with those. Old houses have such great appeal! Love your bay window, too.
I had to laugh at the mental picture I got of you with the coffe IV. I'm with you, nothing short of a million dollar give away is worth getting up that early. I require a lot of sleep. I tell people it is because I was born a month early and I still haven't caught up on my sleep.
We had a nice dinner yesterday at my Sister's house, with she and her husband, my Mom and Jennifer and I.
Glad that you had a great holiday.
hugs and more hugs!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Penny, you have blessed my morning with alot of laughs.
I too cannot imagine going out so early in the morning and placing myself among manic shoppers. Have I mentioned I HATE shopping - well, the kind of shopping that involves groceries, clothing, etc. Now browsing through old rusty stuff, I'm game - BUT NOT before the birds do their morning chirps.
I just might inquire about a coffee IV during my next physical.
Late Thanksgiving wishes and an early Christmas blessing to you and yours:-)