Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm sorry if anyone has missed me (not that anyone is reading this), but a girl can dream, eh? My laptop computer contracted a serious virus through a facebook disaster and I pretty much need to erase the hard drive and start over. I'm so not looking forward to doing this. The irony of all of this is the fact that my husband had just renewed our McAfee on his laptop, but hadn't gotten to the point of updating my computer. McAfee had this deal that the purchase would cover three computers. So, we ordered that last year, and the renewal came up. I was so close... but so far away. I'll be back soon.

Hugs, Penny


just a little bit shabby said...

I'm reading this and I'm telling you sister, I'm somebody!!!! (Just kidding of course!!) I've heard of a lot this computer virus stuff lately, hope all goes well for you.
Hugs and more hugs!

Judi said...

Hi there
I hope you get your computer sorted out. Its not nice to have problems like that all you want to do is get online and explore and have fun and meeting blogging friends.

I've been doing that this evening and thats how I found you.

Come by and visit when you do get back online. All the best..

Candy♥ said...

post pics of your home!!!! i wanna see the white walls :):):)

Eileen said...

I've been away from blogging because of computer woes too!

I wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words to me on my post about my Mom. I really do appreciate your comments. And the support and advice of so many does help.

I think your blog background is beautiful and thanks for the tip about the Background Fairy, I will check it out.

I hope you are doing well and I wish you all the best,