Monday, January 18, 2010

Whew... I finally made a choice :)

I just spent the last hour and a half trying to find a different background through the "Background Fairy". My very first one I changed to was a beautiful lavender laurel wreath done by the "Background Fairy". I chose this mossy green design to enhance the greens in my posts and compliment all my various purple colors. It took forever to decide. If you get bored with your banners and columns, check out one of my favorite places... yep, the "Background Fairy". Pssst... and it's free!

I've got an appointment tomorrow with the borough secretary. I am supposed to be getting our "ordinance" book. I've seen this book, in a big honkin' three ring binder. I believe I might have to enlist the services of a pack mule if I'm to take it to the meetings with me. I do believe if you were to drop this book even near your foot, you might break a bone just from the shock wave factor! Anyhow, I'm looking forward to meeting with the secretary. No one knows anything better than the secretary... as we all know, they truly run the show, mostly because they are the only ones who know what's truly going on. Without them, the works would just fall apart. I'll let you know how the meeting went.

I have blood work to be done this week for my 6-month check in with my oncologist next week. I think I'm going to call the office tomorrow and ask if I can request blood work testing on my thyroid levels. My breast surgeon suggested I have that checked, after my telling him I don't have much gumption and energy any more. That I tire easily. My desire to do stuff is stifled, among other things. He told me I might be experiencing hypothyroid issues. I also realized, after my surgeon/breast care doctor suggested I have the blood work done for this, that I have a pretty extended family with various thyroid issues. Duh, eh? Sometimes I just don't know about me. My father, my sister, my sister's daughter (my precious niece), and a 1st cousin on my father's side of the family. Now about that blood work... Ya think?

Anyhow... we've got company coming this weekend and next weekend. I look forward to meeting my husband's friend on this coming Friday. My husband thinks a great deal about this friend, and I know he is really very happy to have him coming for a visit. I also happen to know that this friend is a true friend to my husband. And for that, I'm very thankful and grateful. The following weekend is birthday celebrations! Yay! Can't wait to see the "kids". Woo-hoo!

Hugs all around,
Penny Sue

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Wander to the Wayside said...

Thanks for the visit! Wondered where you had disappeared to! I have thyroid issues myself - Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which has made me hypothyroid. I went thru hell getting to a diagnosis because it was missed for years. I also now have a nodule on one side. It can be controlled with one little pill, except for 'flare-ups' in my case several times a year where my immune system goes beserk with it. Anyway, hope all turns out well with yours!