Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Project #1 set for completion in January 2011...

Since most of you know I'm the procrastination queen... (we all want to be queen of something, don't we?) I have started working on a project that will hopefully be done in a month.

Quite a few years back I received this old china cabinet/hutch from my Dad. It had been my Mom's to hold the "overflow" of home decorations which she kept in the basement. She would frequently change her cabinet decorations around, and this cabinet was well used. It's been through a couple of flooded basement fiascoes... smelled musty, and was just what I wanted! Really!

Anyhow, I painted it Antique White a long time ago, removed the musty smelling drawer felts, and have used it ever since. However, it's in need of a fresh coat of paint, attention to detail such as the hardware, a new bottom, a new shelf, and a top and back. If I'm going to paint this again, it's going to be done properly so as not to have to do it again in the near future.

Doors and drawers... this is the space that needs the new bottom shelf, and the recessed shelf to make a second layer for storage. The original shelf was very warped and the bottom is as well. The drawers just need their hardware back and a pretty drawer liner to cover the wood. I was thinking copies of sheet music that I have of melodies from the 40's. I love that old music. I have piano sheet music on hand, as I play the piano, so I won't have to purchase anything.

This top piece is not permanently attached to the base. It's the piece that is in need of the most visible work. There are two shelves and two doors that are not attached right now. I would like to put the doors back on but don't know what to use to replace the amber '70's looking glass I removed. I bought panes of glass to try to replace them myself and ended up breaking one using a glass cutter. I suppose I could take it to a glass business and pay them to do it. Since the doors will most likely be open a majority of the time, I was thinking about having lavender colored glass put in. When I get tired of the lavender (which will be NEVER) I can always get something else put in its place. Also, the entire piece will be embellished with appliques from "Do It Yourself Chic". They have a website that is referenced in some of my magazines. Their prices are reasonable, and they have so many beautiful appliques to choose from. That, for me, will be the hard part. Making a choice among so many pretty things.

Looking up through the top at the face of my printing press drawer, which is the only thing big enough I had to use as a makeshift top.

The peg-holes for the shelf supports. The shelves are removed for the time being.

The top portion removed and preparing to paint.

The bottom portion waiting its turn.

Oh, and the wallpaper? Not staying either. I'm not much into the oriental motif. People either love it or hate it. Guess which I am?

I'll take pictures along the way. Wait until you see the backing color I picked. There's a hint in the photos. :)

Hugs all around,
Penny Sue


Lady Jane said...

What a neat hutch to redo. And being your moms has so much meaning. I love your ideas for it and cant wait to see the finished product. Many blessings. Lady Jane

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I have always wanted a maple cabinet to repaint but have truly run out of spots to place new items.
Your project is fantastic. Will you have it done in time to decorate for Christmas?

just a little bit shabby said...

Penny, It looks like a great project. How about putting hardware cloth in the doors. It is easy to cut and put in.(it is wire not cloth) I have it in the bottom of my screen door in the family room. That way you can see what is in there and your pretty lavender/purple color will show through. I'm anxious to see it when you get it finshed and it will be such a great keepsake of your Mom.