Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simple Sunday...

This day hasn't been exactly what I had anticipated it to be. Actually, this whole week has been a little off. I've got mixed emotions about starting a new year. But I would like to share about our tree felling experience.

The tree below is the one designated to come down. This view is from our back yard looking at the back of my gift shop. There is a little bit of siding left to put on (board and batten) the back of the shop... (yeah, it's been a while), but we needed the wood for something else that was being built. Back to the tree. Jeff (our tree guy) figured it to be about 75 to 80 feet tall. Other than some wind, the weather was perfect. The pic below is from the front of the gift shop and the house from across the street. I just wanted you all to get some perspective on how tall that tree really was. And just how snug between the house and the gift shop.
The branches came off so quickly, as I was working in my kitchen, I looked out the window after a short period of time and saw this.
Jeff was up there for quite some time while the guys on the ground took the rope attached to the tree top and tied it securely to the hitch on the back of a truck to pull on it while Jeff cut the top off. He was hanging on for a while because at just that particular point in time the wind decided to pick up and he was not willing to cut the tree top off and risk having it hit the shop or the house. (I really appreciated that!) But the phrase "tree hugger" has a whole new meaning for me. This tree came down in three sections.

These two pics above were the second section which just came down like a javelin. It drove itself about 2 feet into the ground. Not sure if Jeff could have done that twice or not. It was quite amazing.I just had to take this picture. Typical men. Three or four guys standing around watching one guy do all the work. Ha ha! Just kidding. These guys worked quickly to haul away all the branches that came down like rain drops, put into a pile and we'll burn them when they are dead and dry. Jeff only brought his son with him and the other two guys are relatives (of sorts) and the other guy is my hubby.

I was scurrying about in the kitchen making lunch for all my frozen and hungry workers. So I missed the last chunk coming down. I thought maybe my husband would take that pic, but he didn't think of it. I did make the mac and cheese. It was a big hit and well appreciated. Couldn't tell you how many pots of coffee we went through, but I would venture a guess it was around 6.

All's well that ends well. God's protection for Jeff in the tree, the guys on the ground, the property, and everything else. A job very well done. Then they came in and we just had lunch and fellowship/friendship around the table. God is sooo good.

I guess I can finally post this... it's only taken me two days to get pics and stuff done.

Hope everyone is getting back into the groove of "no stress" after the holidays. I know I am.


Penny Suzie


Ginger said...

Hi Penny:
Wow, that tree is huge. I can't imagine being up at the top of it cutting it down. I like the scenery there and your home. Are you in the country?
It is snowing here right now and very cold, so I am staying in. Still getting over my cold and don't need to be out running around in this weather!!!
That was nice of you to fix lunch for everyone, I bet they appreciated it.

Penny said...

Hi Penny,
Wow,that was a huge tree! I love pine trees of any kind but understand your reasons for taking it down.
I am sure those guys appreciated the hot mac n cheese.
Wishing you the best of everything in the New year ~


just a little bit shabby said...

Hey there Miss Penny!
That is one big tree!! And a big job, too. I had a big hackberry tree that was only 3 feet from my house that I had taken down. It had lost a huge branch and took down my next door neighbors patio cover and the fence between the houses. Luckily, that was before I bought the house. After seeing your pictures I wish that I had been home to see it come down, but my Mom and daughter were here. Guess I missed all the fun!
Finally got all my holiday stuff put away in the garage. It was in the 70's here on Saturday and then Sunday and today it is in the 40's!
No wonder eveeryone here is sick!
We've been really busy at work.
Hope your week goes well!