Friday, January 2, 2009

So much hope for the new year of 2009

It's so pretty (but stinkin' cold outside). This is just a photo my hubby took of one of our lilac bushes. It just snowed lightly this evening. No accumulation, just enough to cover all of the ugly black, salted and sooted stuff already on the ground.

We are having a huge hemlock dropped tomorrow. It's between the house and the shop. with only about 15 feet in between. My hope is that it hits NOTHING... but if it has to hit anything, it's the house and not the shop. My reasoning... you ask? The house is insured, but the shop is not. Tomorrow is going to be a nerve-racking day. However, the man who is doing the "dropping" is someone we trust. He is also insured. So... he says he can start at 9 am and be done by noon. He will probably bring his 3 kids with him to help. My husband will also help. I'm thinking some good old fashioned macaroni and cheese might be in order for lunch. What do ya think? Also, the man is going through some very difficult times... and we are trying to encourage him and his kids as best we can through the grace that is shown to us every day.

The pic that is supposed to be of me... (I guess)it's the profile pic), is one of my girls... Brandy. She loves to play in the snow. I don't think you can see it in the profile pic, but I think you can see it rather clearly here on her chin and her eye-brows the snow she's plowed through. We love to watch her play in the snow. She leaps like a deer... it's too funny. I caught it on video last winter. It's hilarious. Three feet of snow does not slow this pooch down!

Good night,


just a little bit shabby said...

Miss Penny,
Hope your tree business goes well tomorrow. I had a very tall tree taken out of the side of my house last year. It was only about 3 feet from my house and about 6 from my neighbor's house. It didn't hit either one. I am sure it will be fine.
Have a good weekend.

Ginger said...

Ahh she is adorable. My dog loves to play in the snow too.
It is very cold here too. I decided I don't like winter too much. lol.

amyelisedesigns said...

Hi Penny!

Happy New Year! I love the pic of your sweet dog! We have a chocolate lab who loves the snow too. She comes in from the house with snow on the tip of her nose all of through winter. Best wishes to you and your family this year!

Amy Elise