Saturday, August 15, 2009

Help... I'm sweating... and I can't stop!

Hey there,

It was a high of 85+ deg. today with the "feels like" 90-something. This whole weather system and lingo just has me totally flabbergasted! But that's a whole different story. Anyhow, I'm marathon cleaning my house today inside. And in about 1 hour, I'm gonna go out and mow the yard. I thought I would wait until at least 5:30 or so with the hopes that it will be cooler for mowing. I want to get that done before my husband comes home so he won't have to do it while he's home on his weekend. The hubs should be here around 7 or 7:30 tonight. That should give me enough time to do what I need to do. I'm taking a 20 minute break though... cuz I'm sweating like crazy. I just finished dusting and making beds and cleaning the bathroom up on the 2nd floor. It's very warm up there. It makes me appreciate the 77deg. it is on the 1st floor. :) After my break, I'm gonna vac. and then hopefully head out to the yard to mow.

I'll sleep soundly tonight, guarantee you that. I just might even keep the hubs awake with my snoring! :) You know what they say about pay-back!

Our son and d-i-l are coming sometime during the night tonight... like around 2:00 am. YAY! I probably won't even hear them come in. They will be here for Sunday and Monday and heading back home Monday night. We are supposed to be going to our local fair. It's a wonderful event. Except, well, I'm 'stinkin' it's gonna be really sticky and hot. We'll have to plan for sometime in the afternoon into evening... and then the son and d-i-l are going home straight from the fair. Whatever happens, it will be good to see them again. Good times, good communion, and always good food.

This is a picture from their wedding day back in 2007. It's their first dance as hubs and wifey. Gotta love it. My eyes are just a-swelling with tears, just like they did on that day as I watched them take so many first steps together. It was such a beautiful day! And so much fun too. Who knew weddings could be so much fun?

Well, I need to get going. The vac. cleaner is calling my name... I hate when that happens. Hugs all around, Penny Sue

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Wander to the Wayside said...

I'm with you on the marathon cleaning days - get it all done at once when the mood strikes! We've had 90+degree days and high humidity all week here in Georgia, then out of the blue had fall temps and no humidity today - so mowed the badly overgrown grass.

I still remember our daughter's wedding ten years ago - she was so beautiful it took my breath away.