Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yes, it's a new look... but temporarily... I hope

Hey there. I've been checking out some of the free downloads for blog page graphics. I love the background fairy. I loved my last borders with the pretty lavender "Fleur De Lise" or other. My signature colors for my business at my shop are a very pretty lavender and a beautiful sage green color combined. I guess I wanted a change. I'll probably go back to my ol' fav if they don't come up with something different. I was just a little bored. The pink/red (they are calling it red) is very lively. But, it doesn't look so hot with the lavender and sage green that I had going. But hey, what do I want for free, eh? I'm thankful for what I can get from such talented people!! Too cool.

Hugs all around,
Penny Suzie

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Eileen said...

Hello, I just wanted to stop by to thank you for your visit to my blog. And, yes, Marybeth is my sister (LOVE HER)!
I love your blog name, so creative with your name! And I don't know what your former blog dress was like, but the one I see here with the roses is very pretty.
I get bored with my banner pictures and my background too so I'm always enlisting the help of my husband to change things.

I love how you call your daughter-in-law your daughter-in-love, I see other bloggers do that too, I'm going to have to start too because mine is such a sweetheart and I couldn't have done better if I had hand-picked her myself!

Very nice blog you have here and I'll be reading!
All the best to you,