Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a good thing there aren't more than 24 hours in a day...

Before I get going.... what happened to "Simply Dandy"? I've tried for two days and have gotten error messages that her blog has been deleted? What happened? I'm so sad. I was so encouraged by her sharing of her faith in such a public format... and enjoyed sharing comments back and forth over the last couple of months.

I must say that if there were more than 24 hours in a day, I would just crawl in a hole and die. I'm so thankful that the Lord just gave us 24, because otherwise we would just cram more "stuff" to do and feel the pressure of not getting it done. Most of us sleep 6-8 hours a night (maybe)... and then the rest of the time, run like a hamster that runs and runs and runs on those silly little wheels in its cage. Spinning and spinning and going nowhere.

When I had cancer, I learned a very valuable lesson. Actually, I learned a ton of valuable lessons. But one of them was how important it was to take time to have just for myself. It's not something I get to do every day, but there are some times I will have a quiet morning where I'll make a nice pot of percolator coffee, snuggle with my girls (3 dogs) on the couch, and just read my Bible. And then I just relax and rethink about what I read. I love it. After I've spent time reading my Bible and praying... I like to look through some of my reading material. I have so many things to read at my fingertips. I've tons of magazines. I have a wealth of books in my library to read... many of which are Christian based books.

OK... so the hubs has gotten heat out to the shop. Basically what he did was to run heat to my shop so that our wood boiler that heats the house will also heat my shop. I'm so excited. I'm going to call a lady from our church family who owns a cleaning business. She is very successful in what she does. I would like to get a quote for how much it would cost for having my business building cleaned. Top to bottom, windows included. If it's reasonable... I just might go ahead and have someone else clean up the spiders and cobwebs and dust and dirt. It's been closed for almost one complete year. If it's not reasonable, then... well, I guess I'll have to do it myself. But I've got so much else going on, I don't really want to do this too.

Well, I've rambled on again. I wish there were things I could find to take pictures of. Some of the other blogs look so beautiful, and I have no idea how to get mine to look so pretty. I guess their blogs are probably customized.

Hugs to all,
Penny Sue

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Ginger said...

Hi Penny:
I know how you feel about your blog. I can't figure out how to customize mine either. I finally figured out the camera part and posting pics, but when I try to post something from the internet, it usually doesn't work.