Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun projects with welcomed results...

Hey there everyone...

I thought I would share a couple of the projects my husband worked on this spring/early summer. He's been working in the kitchen too; but it's in stages as we wait for the funds to become available for our projects in there also. We recycle with reclaimed lumber as much as we can. We truly try to limit our buying "new" lumber, but sometimes you can't help it, especially when you need nice and straight boards for wall studs.

He built this trellis (completely out of reclaimed wood), he put down the slate for the patio (also reclaimed from elsewhere on our property). It's under the shade of a beautiful maple tree. The table and chairs get early to mid-morning sun. Here are a few pictures of our new outdoor room at different angles and different times of the afternoon to evening.

He recreated this flower bed that borders the patio. This was a couple of weeks ago, but it's fuller and has more blossoming flowers, and looks beautiful.

This is a raised bed he built (I think there was still snow on the ground, seriously; this man had some serious cabin fever!) with tomato plants of various hybrids, various peppers, and egg plant. We were given the egg plant. Not sure I would have chosen egg plant, but we'll have a great experience with it. I'll be looking for recipes as to how to prepare them. I do know that you shouldn't let them get too big because they get bitter. Any other hints or recipes out there that you would like to share, bring 'em on. I'd love it.

My $39.99 chandelier find from Home Goods! I bought it months ago with the intent of putting it outside someplace. My husband had reservations. He couldn't picture in his mind how this would fit in outdoors. Once it was hung, he decided really likes it. It provides just enough light for a little romantic ambiance.

A job well done and such a relaxing outcome deserves a little celebration!

Hugs all around, Penny Sue


Ginger said...

I think your outdoor room turned out great. It's pretty neat when you can use reclaimed wood and other items around the house. New wood is so expensive.
I like your chandlier, it works perfectly next to your table.

just a little bit shabby said...

Penny,I love it. I'm a lattice girl, too. Your chandelier was a great buy! having done a flagstone patio I know how much work he put into it. Put your feet up and relax!!
Grins and Hugs,Sandy

Wander to the Wayside said...

We started a little area like this, but the heats been so bad this summer that it stalled out. Your's is beautiful, and looks so peaceful. Good job!