Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Pictures

This past Wednesday, the 17th, was my 46th birthday... and my friends 40-something-ish birthday. I'm not going to say how old she is because she doesn't know she's about to go public on my blog. Anyhow, Mary (my friend), and I have a really difficult time getting together socially. Imagine my joy when we were able to get together for a girls-night-in on our actual birthday!!!

Mary brought this cake for us to share. It was so divine! While the candles were burning, we sang Happy Birthday to each other simultaneously. Then we blew out the candles together.

So here's the cake after wishes were made and the candles blown out. However, I must confess, it didn't look like this for so long. I asked Mary if she wanted to have a slice right then because we were drinking wine. The decision was no... so, I simply said, "Well, you're just going to have to forgive me for this." Then I took my finger and swiped it through the frosting, to my pleasant surprise, ended up being peanut butter. The cake was chocolate! Mary couldn't resist... she swiped through the frosting too. I told her I had never had peanut butter frosting. She couldn't believe it. Anyhow... Mary found a knife, and needless to say, the cake wasn't pretty in just about a minute! Wine or no wine, you can't stand between a birthday girl and her chocolate.

This is Mary, my kindred spirit sister. I'm so thankful the Lord crossed our paths in life. She is such a joy in my life. She has not had an easy life (who has, I know), but through all of it, she remains true to herself. Hardship has not changed her spirit, which is absolutely beautiful... just like her.

Evidence of the night before. (Smile)

The morning after. (Smile)

Ahhh.... Hot coffee... life in a cup.

May I introduce to you all... Dizzy. Dizzy is my middle "baby". She a pure bred Beagle. She will be 10 years old next summer. When she was a puppy... I used to carry her everywhere. She was so incredibly adorable I couldn't put her down. And she's such a lovie. But we call her "Dizzy" because she acts a little goofy. However, her goofiness should not be confused with the fact that she's a Beagle. We read, about 2 years ago, that Beagle dogs are by nature completely one-track minded. Very focused. We, being the silly humans that we are, used to think her Beagleness was "dizzy"... but she had it all figured out. She's just being who she's supposed to be.

Also, if you met her, you would think that "Dizzy" is a very appropriate name for her. My husband was a little embarrassed the first time we took her to the vet. He didn't have the heart to tell the receptionist our dog's name was Dizzy. He told her it was Daisy. Too sweet.

The above is my birthday present from the hubby. Gotta Love Giada!

And this resting beauty is my Brandy. We got her in the summer of 2001. She's a Beagle/Boxer ix. She's such a smart dog... and a lover too. Sometimes if I cry, she comes right up to me and licks my tears away. She whimpers a little bit too. Not difficult to tell we love animals.

And finally, the above picture is my best Ebay purchase ever (so far)! This is a Mary Emmerling book, Romantic Country. I got it on Ebay for $4.87 which included shipping. I had fondled this book for months at the Borders bookstore that we like to go to. But I just couldn't part with $30 to purchase it when money was and has been so tight for us. Then, one visit, it was gone. My heart was heavy. I checked if it could be ordered and found out it was out of print. Bummer Dude. I was thrilled to get this book. It arrived on Friday, the 19th. It was like a birthday thing all over again. Just like brand spanking new. So now I have two gorgeous books to envelope myself in. I love books.

Have a great day... and yes, I finally had some pics to share... that I felt were worthy of you all and all of your beautiful photography. I've a long way to go, but I'm pretty pleased with how they came out.
Lord, Thank you for birthdays. Thanks for the friend I have because of our birth date. Thank you for my dear husband that knows me well enough to know what I would like for a birthday gift. He done good. Amen, Your Girl.

Penny Suzie

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Ginger said...

Wow, great price on the book. I wouldn't pay $30 either. I love books also, but I try to get them at the library or a discount store.