Friday, December 5, 2008

A week later...

I'm so tired, I can hardly take it. I had a night-cap before heading for bed... but I'm still not tired. I've been cleaning my house, it's going on 1:00 AM on Friday morning. I've still got a lot of dusting to do. I'm just so tired of cleaning. I'm exhausted.

Hope that all is well with all my blogging friends. Enjoy the days to come. Jesus is the reason for the season. Somehow I think that all gets lost in all the commercialism of everything. I'm hoping to enjoy this coming Christmas season in a completely new way.

Enjoy your weekends,

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Ginger said...

Hi Penny:
I'm glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. How did it go with all the company there?
Why are you still cleaning?
I just finished decorating my tree and a little bit in the house. It's very cold here, but still no snow.
Stop cleaning for a few minutes and stop by for a visit.