Sunday, December 28, 2008

My kids are here... !

You would have to understand the inside Family Joke of Colt 45.

Our son and his wife. You'll have to forgive the pics... my husband was managing the camera... and the funny part is... it's his camera.

I am such a happy Mama! My son and his wife came yesterday, we did our "Christmas" last night. Our son took us out for dinner tonight. He took us to the "Texas Roadhouse" restaurant. He has this thing for steak. We waited quite a while (even with call ahead seating) after we got there. Thankfully it was a great night outside. Just a little damp and coolish. We didn't have to wait longer that 75 minutes, which is what we were first quoted. Anyhow... it was well worth the wait. I ordered a margarita, just for kicks, because my son is not a big fan of tequila. It arrived before dinner, and it looked like a goldfish bowl. I ended up sharing some of it with my DIL... but she didn't pull her weight. So, being the "waste not want not" person that I am... I couldn't leave half of the beverage sitting there. But... it's all good... we're all OK.

Tomorrow we are having a Turkey dinner (here) and my Dad is coming to see his grandson and grand-daughter-in-law. It should be a good dinner. Even if I manage to totally burn the turkey and destroy the veggies and mashed potatoes.... it should still be a good day because Dad will be here. His happiest moments (as far as I can tell) are the ones he spends with his family. He's such a cool Dad and Grandpa. (And that is from my humble opinion!)

I need to get done with this,
God Bless,
Penny Suzie


Ginger said...

Hi Penny:
How sweet of your son to take you all to dinner. I hate waiting at a restaurant...well, the margarita would help I guess. lol.
Have fun with your family, and who cares if the turkey burns.
Had to laugh at what you said about your hubby taking pics with his pics didn't turn out too good and I am so disappointed. Don't know what I did wrong.

just a little bit shabby said...

Miss Penny,
I'm sooo gladd that your son is there to see you. I'm with your son I LOVE steak! I'm a Kansas girl so I appreciate good beef.
Thanks for stopping by today for a visit I'm overwhelmed by the number of people. My sitemeter says I've gotten over 116 hits ( of course about 6 of them have been me checking to see what was happening!!)
It took me a while to do the mosaic so I worked last week and had it finished by Friday. I just kept on trying until I got it but it took a while. Enjoy your visit and don't worry about the turkey, it the company that counts!!
Later Gator!

Simply Dandy said...

Hi Penny,
You are such a sweetheart and wonderful blog friend. Thank you.
How was your turkey dinner? I bet you didn't burn anything, did ya??
Enjoy the time with your family and thanks again for being so supportive.