Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A summer project... not quite finished

Whoops... I just realized what time it is... gotta go to work... I'll be back later tonight to finish the post.


I'm finally home, had a snack to eat, and I'm watching CSI New York before I need to go to bed. I'm so tired. There are so many habits I need to change. Some day I'll look a little deeper into this.. but not today.

So, the above photo is a gift I did for my husband. He's been working so diligently this summer on this room which once was a pantry, which he created a sunroom out of. He came home a couple of weekends ago, and I had cleaned out the room as best as I could (considering it's not complete). I placed the table in there on an area rug, a couple of chairs, and a bench on the right hand side of the table for extra seating. I picked our sunflowers and put them in one of my favorite enamel painted pitchers. When he came home, we had our dinner for two at that table. There originally was only one window and he decided to create a 3 window space. It's absolutely gorgeous. We reused old 9 paned windows. We are trying to reuse and recycle parts of our own house to do so many of our projects. It's pretty exciting. Even some of the glass in these windows is original. Then he custom built/created storm windows to button it up for the winter. Making it not such a source of heat loss was his ultimate goal before the snow flies. So... there's still more work to be done, such as replacing the wainscot pieces that had to be removed to help in sealing with insulation.
(P.S. - How do I post a picture here in the middle of my blog? A little help?????)
I'm planning on getting up early and going out to work in my shop. I've been closed all year so far this year. The economy has had a huge play in that, along with my part-time job schedule, plus living the life I live with my husband's work schedule. And an even bigger part has been me. But, those stories will come later.

I'll take some pics while I'm out there, and when I post them, I'll try to remind you all that I've been closed for some time. Try to ignore the cobwebs and dust bunnies... ok?

Lord, Thanks for giving me a new vision and a little more motivation to move forward instead of feeling stalled and defeated. Thanks for helping me find this blog... and for the people I've met who have been part of my new feeling of motivation.

Your Girl,


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