Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Oh the weather outside is frightful... but the "wood stove" is so delightful!

I'm so thankful for a warm home to live in. Charles and I are having coffee together and it's snowing so hard right now we cannot see the mountains out the back of our house. The flakes are huge! And heavy and wet too. The power keeps going off and coming back on a pretty regular basis.

Charles has offered to help me out in the shop today. Yahoo! I'm thankful for the help. I'll take a few pictures while I'm out there, and I can do the "before" and some "after" once I get things rearranged. Plus I'm taking all my consignment down and packing it up in boxes. Then I'll see where to go from there. I am keeping a few pieces of the furniture out there for myself. I want to bring the huge step-back cupboard into my kitchen. I need to put my "check out" station by the door. The basic first part of the shop is shaped like an L. And very seldom do people go into this smaller section. My register, computer printer, phone, credit card machine and all of that were there. Charles suggested that it might be people don't feel comfortable going into that smaller section because of my work station being in there too. My work station is going to be cut in half as well. The second section of my shop will be my working studio. I will work on projects while I'm out there, and people can come in and see what I do. I don't know why, but people seem to love that sort of thing. The third section of my shop is going to be my future commercial kitchen. I think I mentioned my hopes for that. I just need some motivation. And I need to feel worthy of becoming a success and to have faith in myself and my God-given abilities and capabilities. It's just that since I started this business in 2003, I have faced so many obstacles. Not just little ones, but major, life threatening, business destroying obstacles. I told my husband after the flood that I didn't know if I had it in me to start over again. Anyhow... progress shall be made today.

Maybe I'll get a chance to post a couple of pictures tonight.

See ya,
Penny Sue

I'm back... and a huge change of plans. About 5 minutes after I posted today we lost power. The power had been going off and on a majority of the morning. However, after 3 quick ons and offs... it went completely off. It's now 10:10 PM, and we haven't had any power back. Thankfully we still have heat. My husband used to be a plumbing and heating self-employed tradesman. He set up our wood boiler so that even if we don't have power, we still have heat. A few nobs here and a couple of valves there, and presto- we have heat. However, most of our town does not have ANY power. We waited until dark before he went out and started up our generator. At that point we needed some power to turn on a light or two, and we have two refrigerators, one upstairs and one in the basement, and a stand alone upright freezer. We figured it had gone on long enough without being kept "cold". The generator would allow us to run most anything we wanted to for whole house power needs... but because we don't want to burn too much fuel in the generator, we're limiting what we turn on for power for overnight.

So.. there are no pictures as we didn't go out to the shop. The electric heaters weren't working, and we just decided to have a quiet day. Maybe next weekend.

Gotta be at work tomorrow at 8:00 am. I'm not sure what to expect if we don't have power back. The register won't work, the only light in the building comes from the door up front. I guess I'll show up and wait and see.

Penny Sue


Ginger said...

Hi Penny:
I hope your storm is over and you have the lights back on. Good that you have a generator to keep the fridge going.
We had that one small snow storm a couple of weeks ago in Utah...and now we are back to fall temps. I wish it would stay like this all year long, in the low 70's during the day. I'm not fond of the heat (lived 25 years in the desert heat of Las Vegas) and not fond of the snow and cold either. Just can't please me. lol.
I read your post on giving your dad an 80th b.d. party. How sweet that would be for him. I did that for my mom when she turned 80 and she said it was the first party she ever had. I doubt that was true...but she enjoyed herself so much.
Hope you get your shop up and running soon. Stop by and visit me again.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh sweetie..hope you are warm and safe and DRY!!
it's 75 high today
here..I'm going to harvest more seeds and plant my spring blooming bulbs..
warmhugs to you