Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday... and I don't have to go to work tonight

This will be the first Friday I've had off in months... literally months. One of my very best friends, Mary, called me this week and wanted to know if I would like to do the "First Friday Art Walk". It got me to thinking that I haven't had a Friday off in so long, and I decided to ask my employer for the night off. I either needed to find someone to cover for me or she would. Anyhow, she told me no matter who covered, consider it a night off! Thank you Alice!!!

"First Friday Art Walk" is an event that occurs every "first Friday" of the month, all year long. It is hosted in the city of Binghamton, NY. Not too far from where I live currently, and it's where I was born and raised. So every first Friday there are open art galleries hosting new artists every month, tours of restored old buildings (the architecture in the older buildings in Binghamton is absolutely beautiful), unique shops and boutiques offering handmade items from local artisans, usually some sort of live entertainment/music well into the evening. I have been once or twice before. One night, my husband and I stumbled upon it quite by accident. We decided to go out for a "coffee date" at one of the coffee houses. By the time we arrived there, most of the galleries and shops were closed. But the city had closed down part of Main Street/Court Street and there was live entertainment. I'll never forget the sound of the music as we started walking towards the sound of it. We had no idea what was happening. When we started out, the music was all echo-y, resounding around all the large buildings. The closer we got, the clearer it got, and the music was one of my favorite. Big Band music. As we stood there watching these people dancing in the street, my eye caught an elderly couple (probably in their 70's) and they were just kicking it up. I remember my eyes welling up with tears thinking what an awesome sght it was. In their hearts, they were probably in their 20's and reliving a romantic past. Oh how music can effect our hearts, souls and minds.

So... that's what's up for this evening.

Thanks Lord, for good friends, places to meet new ones, and people who love us unconditionally.

Your Girl...

Penny Sue


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!! hugs! Britt :-)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I found you through your comment you left on Cindy at My Romantic Home Blog. The reason you stood out to me was, my name is Penny and my middle name is Suzanne! So when I saw Penny Suzie, I just had to come visit!

I used to live in upstate NY in Hornell. Now I live in North Carolina. Come visit my blog when you have time. I also write a blog for the store, Home Goods and you can find a link to that blog on my regular blog..

pedalpower said...

Hi! I found you through MY Romantic Home also. I had to stop in because I too have a shop....and everyone says, "Your home must be so cute." LOL Most of my decorating energy goes into the shop and when I get home, I'm pooped. I'll be back. I hope you post some pics of your home and shop.

amyelisedesigns said...

Hi Penny Suzie! SO nice to meet you! Another Amy Elise! How exciting! I was named by my Grandma and her best friend was named Elise. I will bookmark your blog too so I can visit again! Take good care!! Amy