Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Monday....

It has been a gorgeous fall day here. My husband has been home since last night. We've had some nice home cooked dinners, just the two of us. I planned my menu around his favorites while he's home for his "weekend"... which is from Sunday night to Wednesday morning before he has to leave for the rest of the time. Anyhow, last night I made homemade stuffed peppers. He loves them. I think I scored some points with those :) Today while we were running errands, I asked him what he would like for dinner tonight... and he said with such a sound of lust in his voice "Tuna Noodle Casserole". I laughed hysterically. He's too cute.

We are already heating our house. It's been well down into the 30's here overnight. Kind of chilly right off the bat... but it's producing some beautiful colors on the trees in the mountains. I can't wait to figure out how to upload/download pictures to this blog so I can share some of my life in pictures.

I'm tired... and I'm going to join my snoring man upstairs for some R&R.

Lord, Thank you for the colors of Your tapestry of art that You display for us every day of our lives... Your creation is so gorgeous. Thank You for eyes that can enjoy the sights of fall, for noses that enjoy the scents of fall... and for the reminder through each season You give us that there is a time to rest... for all creation. What a blessing.

Your Girl,


Diane said...

Hi Penny,
I saw you PS comment on Cindy's blog about pictures on blogger. Susan @ wrote a little tutorial on a comment for Rose @ Susan is Moonlightandmagnolias on Rate My Space. Rose is santamaker on RMS. I tried it & it worked!

Per Susan:
Easiest way I've found to move a pic is to click on the html tab, go to the very top where the pic has loaded...they usually start with an arrow thingy followed by the letter a....I think they end with an a, too. Any way, using cut and paste, cut out the pic, find where you want it to go and paste it. Sometimes I will switch over to compose for a minute to see where I want the pic...then you have to go back to html and paste it where you want it. Hope this helps.

My favorite blog is Gollum is Fatirenedecorates on Rate My Space.

Have fun with blogging & Enjoy!

Penny Suzie said...

Hello Miss Diane,
Thank you so much for the info. I'll give it a try and let you know how I make out. I truly appreciate your willingness to share the info with me.

Kind regards,
Penny Suzie