Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The last roses of summer...

I took this picture shortly after Cindy posted her gorgeous flowers. Everything in my gardens is done blooming, and looks a bit ratty, to be quite honest with you. But I looked out my bay window today and noticed these pretty little pink roses just hanging on for dear life. I couldn't believe my eyes. We'd already had a couple of hard frosts, and they were just as beautiful as if it were the middle of summer. And the most amazing part of it was the fact there were more buds and blossoms coming. God's creation is so magical.

This is another photo of the ring bearer pillow I did for the girl I worked with. The colors are a little off, but you get the idea. The sage green was being worn by two young girls... one being a flower girl and the other, a junior bridesmaid. The sage was a satin ribbon worn around their waists on their dresses. That was why I went with this color in the pillow material so there would be something connecting the ring bearer with the color scheme of the young ladies. The rose is white with just a hint of pink, which the bride actually used the exact same roses in her bouquet. I also used small pieces of hydrangea, the white/green ones. They set off the rose so nicely. The bride-to-be made all the bouquets; one for herself and each bridesmaid. She did a fantastic job. I was honored to be able to contribute to her wedding day in this way.
My husband has been working diligently today to get heat to my shop from the house. In the past, I had a propane heater, and was closed almost all of last winter because I could not afford to pay the fuel bill. It was costing between $250-$300 almost every five to six weeks. So... we decided to try to run heat out there from the heat source in our house. Today a guy from our church family came (we hired him) to dig a 4 foot deep trench from a point in our house foundation to a particular spot at the shop so the hubby can bury heat pipe, water and electric as well. We purchased an outdoor lamp post that we've had for almost a year, waiting for this day to come so that we could also install the light. I'll be taking pictures tomorrow so that ya'll can see what I'm talking about. Maybe you'll get a glimpse of my adorable hubs. Maybe... maybe not. Depends on how bashful he might be... which, on a pretty regular basis... is NEVER! :)
I spent most of my day with my sister, Becky, and our Dad... he had his second cataract operation this morning. While at the hospital, I went and had my port-a-cath (in my chest) flushed... and while on my way to oncology, I saw this woman walking into the "lab" just inside the front entrance. I remember looking at the back side of her thinking there is only one woman that I know that is 6'4" that would actually have a reason to be here, with that hair cut, hair color and that "look". But the elderly woman in front of her, I kept trying to make into my "Auntie Evelyn" (her Mom)... and I kept thinking... there is no way that is Auntie Evelyn. So, I followed the first woman into the "lab" and made a wide swing to the side, because I wanted to be sure it was who I was thinking it was.... and guess what? It was my Dear Sweet Cousin, Margie. She is such a lovie. We chatted briefly, she was called in to get her blood work done, told me not to leave, but I told her I had to go to my appointment in oncology. I told her that Becky was in the Atrium... (the general waiting area for outpatient surgery). I told her that Dad was having cataract surgery to stop by and see Becky, and I'd be back in a few minutes.
All was well. Dad's surgery went perfectly. Becky and I were able to visit with our cousin, Margie. After the surgery we went to lunch. Things seemed to go much smoother for him the second time around.
Hey, I've rambled on long enough. Probably too long. I don't want to bore you all to distraction...
Penny Suzie


Ginger said...

Hi Penny:
I love roses and sure miss growing them here. When we lived in Las Vegas I had about 20 or so rose bushes in the back yard. The ones you buy in the store don't seem to have any fragrance.
The pillows you make are so pretty.
Glad your father's eye surgery went well. Pretty scarey when you are messing with the eyes.
I hope you can get heat out to your shop. Thats pretty expensive to be paying that much to heat it.
Stop by my blog again.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Hello, Miss Penny!!!
Wow- that's exciting about all the improvements being done to your little shop... I can't wait to hear (and see) about the progress!!
Glad your Dad is doing okay... my Dad had the same thing done about two years ago... very scary at first because he was on blood thinner and I was scared he would stumble and fall if he was alone in the house, so I stayed with him for a few days. But his eyes are doing great now.
The flowers are beautiful- you did a wonderful job on that pillow!!